“A writer’s notebook is not a diary. Writers react. Writers need a place to record these reactions. That’s what a writer’s notebook is for. It gives you a place to write down what makes you angry or sad or amazed, to write down what you noticed and don’t want to forget. A writer’s notebook gives you a place to live like a writer.” - Ralph Fletcher



Some of them believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Others want to force raped women who become pregnant to have their child. There are those who vilify Obama as a socialist and want to do away with most of the federal government. A fair few doubt the theory of evolution or hold that gays can be “cured”.

As Mitt Romney arrives at the Republican national convention in Tampa, Florida, where he will be nominated to run for president, he faces the difficult task of dealing with a party base that has become one of the most radical in recent American history.

Paul Harris, The Observer

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In the wake of the #Occupy movements the #GOP have been quick to stake out their position demonizing the 99% while defending the wealthy 1% of Americans. As thousands take to the streets, you hear Republican’s talking about doing away with unemployment benefits and the social safety nets that are in place, and at the same time talk about class warfare and how it wouldn’t be fair to ask millionaires to pay more in taxes. They say tough choices have to be made because the country is broke. Obviously it’s broke but just not broke enough to tax millionaires and billionaires. Just broke enough to shake the last penny out of the desperate grip of those who have nothing left, that’s the GOP’s solution to our debt problems.

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